Now that I`m up off of my knees, I finally see you how they always have,

Not just the fish-net knee highs, and all the little scabs.

I see your eyes are swollen and sad and your wild hair may not be just due to the fad.

Your arms are still beautiful though they`re ridden with holes,

 If you`re gonna drink the Kool-Aid make sure your bare feet have the right soles.

I saw the lightning flash, I heard the thunder do it`s thing,

I felt an unhappy ending, as I cleaned up after the final bash.

The painted toenail shouted,

My heart sank when you found it.

I heard the ghosts of bad loves past,

They hum to me each evening.

There are words that you say  to me, my vocabulary hasn`t grasped,

I hope to learn them one day,

They woke me up, weeping this morning.


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